Q&A with Joyce Hampers

Do you see yourself now, 50 years later, as a pioneer of women in law?

The question kind of speaks for itself. Women weren’t doing what we were doing, yet I didn’t see it as groundbreaking. But clearly there was a revolution going on. I didn’t appreciate at the time what a unique club we were in. The fact that there were eight women graduates in a class of about 160 made no impression on me. I didn’t consider it unusual. I always felt that whatever I wanted to do, I could do it, regardless of my gender.

When I entered BC Law in 1964, my concern was not my gender. It was my age. At the ripe-old age of 25, and married to boot, I thought I would never fit in. Then I got there and saw there were other students who were older, others who were married, and others who were married and pregnant. I thought, I am not so different.

Can you update us on your life since our 30th Reunion?

I have continued to be the chief executive officer of G2O Spa + Salon, which I founded in 1994. Located on fashionable Newbury Street in Boston, we provide high-quality spa and salon services. Our most recent expansion was in 2010 when we purchased two buildings and re-purposed them into one 13,500 square feet facility. We are undeniably the most comprehensive, luxurious urban destination spa in metropolitan Boston.

Are you planning to attend our 50th Reunion this November?

Yes, I intend to attend because I expect it will be interesting and fun to catch up with classmates to learn what has intervened for them in the past 50 years.

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