Professor Emil Slizewski


slizewskiOne of the Law School’s most beloved professors, Emil Slizewski ’41, ‘43 was a legend on campus for his Trusts and Estates course. Affectionately called “The Slew” by his students, he was hired by the Law School as a librarian soon after graduating from BC Law in 1943. He joined the faculty in 1948 and taught for 50 years until his retirement. Multiple generations of BC Law students have regarded his Trusts and Estates course as a rite of passage.

He provided some the most rigorous and most rewarding educational experiences at the Law School. Despite his reputation as a tough grader, he was one of the Law School’s best-loved teachers. His classroom teaching was marked by traditional-style lectures, sprinkled with a very quiet sense of humor. He would deliver a comment or joke without changing tone, then look to see if anyone caught it. Professor Slizewski passed away in 2002 at the age of 83. He was the oldest living faculty member at that time.

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