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Allan Green, MD, PhD, JD, LLC

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Prior to attending BC Law, I practiced internal medicine and nuclear medicine and had conducted research that led to patents licensed by the New England Nuclear Corporation (NEN) where I became medical director in 1975. I also joined the staff at Massachusetts General Hospital at that time. We gained approval of a half dozen radiopharmaceuticals by the time the company was sold to DuPont, and I left to become chief of nuclear medicine and MRI at University Hospital in Boston in 1983.

Subsequently, I decided to learn more about the FDA legal process and decided to go to law school. After earning a JD at BC Law. I joined the law firm of Mintz, Levin in 1991 and helped establish their ML Strategies affiliate, a government relations consulting group. During that time, I developed several start-up companies in the fields of medical imaging and Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics and worked with the family of Estee Lauder to start the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation in New York, with which I am still affiliated. I now have my own law firm and consulting organization (SDG, LLC) in Cambridge, and I teach FDA Law at Boston College Law School. I am CEO of a start-up called Ground Fluor Pharmaceuticals developing new medical imaging agents and chair of OsteoAnalgesia, Inc, a new company developing new treatments for autoimmune disease.

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My wife, Janet, is now retired from a career in overseas development (Oxfam, InterAction, and UNICEF). Having settled 25 years ago in a wonderfully interesting and welcoming Cambridge neighborhood near the Harvard Divinity School, Janet and I have decided they will have to carry us out. Our daughter, Shanna, has agreed then to deal with the ruins. Our retirement plans focus on staying in place as long as we are able and participating in the diverse intellectual and cultural activities of our community. Janet’s maniacal devotion to the Red Sox and my burgeoning interest in landscape photography help bevel the sharp edges off the tyranny of the quotidien.


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