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magnifyerPROFESSOR SPOTLIGHT: Professor Judy McMorrow


mcmorrow_2014Professor Judy McMorrow, a former clerk for Chief Justice Warren E. Burger of the United States Supreme Court, teaches torts and professional responsibility at BC Law. She is active in pro bono and service activities, including over 20 years on the board of Community Legal Services and Counseling Center, 10 years on the Massachusetts SJC Committee on Judicial Ethics, and has represented women in Massachusetts seeking commutation based on Battered Woman Syndrome.

We asked Judy to tell us more about her inspiration and her life in and out of the classroom.

Early influence:

My parents.My father was a philosopher and constantly encouraged us to “think great thoughts.” My mother was deeply affected by the Depression and she kept saying, “and get a job.” Law teaching is a perfect blend of those two messages.

Aha moment:

As a young associate I was eagerly awaiting the filing of an anticipated complaint in a pro bono case in which we were representing a private social services organization. When the Board president called to say the complaint had been filed, I expressed excitement. She replied, “It’s not a game.”  This was a wake-up call to see the litigation process through the eyes of clients.

Proudest Moment:

When I had donated a Red Sox playoff ticket to PILF, the class took up a collection and presented the ticket back to me just a few hours before the game. It was one of the sweetest moments of my professional life. We all came together to support PILF. That single ticket raised hundreds of dollars. Teaching is about more than just what happens in class.

Favorite means of commuting to BC Law:


If you could add one more hour to each day…

Hang with family and friends and volunteer more.

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