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Mary Clements Pajak

91_pajak headshot 2When I started at BC Law in 1988, I had an eight-year-old son, Tristan Kippax, and was a single parent. I married the love of my life, Bob Pajak, between first and second year. We had our daughter, Kati Pajak, on September 1, 1990, one week after third year started. My very great friend, Marie Cheung-Truslow, taped my classes (with permission from BC Law) and helped me keep up so that I did not have to take a semester or year off. During our second semester, we studied tax with our great friend, Jane Guevremont. I remember passing my daughter, Kati, back and forth, taking care of her, feeding her, and having Marie and Jane catch me up on the outline as Tristan (and my brother, Keith,) came in and out of my house. We had a great time studying!

My granddaughter Lisa's adoption.

My granddaughter Lisa’s adoption.

After BC Law, I clerked for Justice Neil Lynch at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. At the same time, I went to the law firm of Palmer and Dodge to learn about trusts and estates, generation skipping transfer taxes, gift taxes, estate taxes, etc. with my entering class (although I deferred for my clerkship year). I spent five years at P&D, then became vice president, regional director of estate administration at Mellon Bank. The best part of that job (notwithstanding the wonderful experience of seeing many different trusts and estates documentation and closing many estates) was that our regional meetings were in Pittsburgh where my son was attending the University of Pittsburgh. I was able to see him much more than I otherwise would have. I realized in that job that I got most excited about law work AND my daughter needed more of my attention. (When it snowed or rained, the busses stopped–I was the last one to pick her up at day care. She knew all the cars, pickup persons such as parents, nannies, or grandparents, and would direct the children in day care to get ready to go home–all before I got there).

My daughter, Kati '18, and my granddaughter Lisa.

My daughter, Kati ’18, and my granddaughter Lisa.

I joined David Mofenson at Mofenson Law Offices for about five years. When I was ready to create a law firm. I opened my office in Newton in 2004. Now I have six people working here, not including me! When my daughter was 14 years old, she started helping me out as a legal assistant. She was wonderful! She said she would be a lawyer one day.

In the meantime, my son graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a joint degree in legal studies and administration of justice. He left there, did a stint as a security guard, and decided to become an EMT, then an RN. Currently, he is an OR nurse at St. Vincent’s in Worcester. He and his wife, Lisa, have adopted (through the Department of Children & Families) my delightful grandchildren: Jordan (now 11), Lisa (now 5) and Connor (now 2). Bob and I love being grandparents.

Kati went on to work briefly with one of our classmates, Maureen Curran, as a legal assistant, graduated from high school at age 17; graduated magna cum laude from The George Washington University at age 20; worked for IBM as a consultant for a number of years, and then said she was ready to go to law school! She started at BC Law in August 2015. What a rush. Bob and I couldn’t be more proud of our children and their accomplishments.

My grandchildren with my husband, Bob.

My grandchildren with my husband, Bob.

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