Professor Peter A. Donovan

Professor Donovan was on the faculty at BC Law from 1963 to 2002. He taught Torts, Corporations, and Antitrust Law and was the faculty advisor to the moot court competition teams.

We asked Professor Peter Donovan, who retired from active teaching duties in 2002, what are his three best memories of BC Law. He quickly replied, “That is the easiest question to answer.” (Obviously, we aren’t as good as he is at the Socratic method.) Without hesitation, Professor Donovan exclaimed, “My three best memories, in this order, are:


Professor Donovan, a double amputee as a result of diabetes, feels very fortunate to have spent so many years with young adults. “All my best memories are of my times with them.” He particularly enjoyed the one-on-one relationships he developed coaching the moot court teams over his 39-year teaching career at the Law School.

He found his students to be delightful. “I was a teddy bear,” but he adds a bit sheepishly, “I did try to frighten first year students.” With a smile, he quipped, “Where else can you teach students by terror, but in law school?”

Professor Donovan says he is often asked, if he could re-live his life, “what would he druther,” to which he responds, “If I had my druthers, I ‘druther’ be a perennial student." But since he says that was not feasible or acceptable, he did the next best thing and became a faculty member.

Asked about his retirement, Professor Donovan recoiled. “I don’t like retirement. People my age are just not as interesting as the students I met over the course of a lifetime of teaching.”

Regretfully, Professor Donovan does not often get back to the law school campus because he cannot drive. He is determined, however, to attend this year’s reunion. He noted, “If I make it, it will do a lot more for me than for my old students. If I don’t make it, please give them a hug for me.” It sounds like the teddy bear inside Professor Donovan is still alive and well.

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