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Justice Francis X. Spina

spina-headshot-2My BC Law experience
Boston College Law School prepared me well for my legal career. I learned the importance of the art of the question (especially from Professors David Carroll and Hiller Zobel), and how in Holmes’ terms it uncovers and shapes the “path of the law.” The call to public service and the spirit of collegiality, characteristics of both my fellow students and the faculty, made strong impressions on me and guided me through the years. I have been most proud of these two hallmarks of the Law School.

My BC Law experience today
I worked with 11 law clerks from the Law School while on the Supreme Judicial Court. Each was excellent. The analytic and writing skills that each had developed was unsurpassed by law clerks from other law schools. They were touched by that same call to public service and that spirit of collegiality that I had experienced and tried to live by. They are essential to the legacy of a law school and to the stature of the profession.

My path to the judiciary
I spent 21 years practicing law and trying cases in every department of the Massachusetts Trial Court, and in the three levels of the appellate courts of Massachusetts. My career included two years in Western Mass. Legal Services, two years in the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Municipal Law Department, four years in the Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office, and 15 years as a general practitioner in two small law firms in Pittsfield. I served as an officer of the Berkshire County Bar Association and the Massachusetts Bar Association. I served on numerous municipal and non-profit boards, on the parish council of my church, and I was a member of the Committee for Public Counsel Services. I regularly provided pro bonolegal services. These experiences helped me become a judge, and to serve the public for 23 years as a judge. I had a great run, and am grateful for a wonderfully rich and varied career in the law.


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