Megan Carroll

I went from serving as a Special Assistant District Attorney (1 yr) to starting my own Law and Consulting Firm for the Arts (23 years) while at the same time teaching law at New England School of Law (13 years) and Boston College CSOM (10 years), to working for an immigration nonprofit  (2 years) and reporting to the Irish Government, to working for the Archdiocese of Boston (2 years) as an Executive Director of one of their nonprofits, to Financial Advisor and Consultant (currently). I did all of these things while performing with the Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble for 15 years after law school (now I’m a competitive ballroom dancer) and raising 2 children as a single mom.  Let me know if you’d like to hear more and how with each move I built upon my skills and contacts of the other to holistically serve my clients. What a ride it has been!

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