Anne Peters and Mike Proctor

It’s all about the Ps
We likely met on the first day of law school in the fall of 1980 as we were both assigned to the same small first-year section (Section 6?) by virtue of having last names beginning with “P.” As best we can remember, everyone in Section 6 had all of our classes together but had at least one class with each of the other small sections. As we recall, the registrar (was it Mr. Pepper?) was experimenting with our class to see if having many small sections rather than two large sections would improve class cohesiveness or some such. Not sure that the experiment worked but due to the assignment to small first-year sections based on first initial of last names we were thrown together a lot and most of our closest friends during the first year had names beginning with “O” through “T.” During second and third years we were both on the Environmental Affairs Law Review where we had the opportunity to expand our group of friends to classmates with last names beginning with “B,” “C,” “L,” and “M,” etc. but we were still just part of a circle of friends rather than a couple.

Pshaw to geographic challenges!
We finally started dating in late October of 1982. Ironically, we started dating soon after making commitments to join law firms at the opposite ends of the country. Michael committed to go to Pullman & Comley in Bridgeport, Conn., where he had been a summer clerk, and Anne committed to go to Snell and Wilmer in Phoenix, Ariz. By the time we graduated from law school we had committed to each other and then needed to reconcile challenging geography. This was accomplished when Anne relocated to Connecticut in 1984 and we got married in August 1984 after she took the Connecticut Bar.

Michael has been at Pullman & Comley for his entire career practicing commercial real estate law. Anne’s first job in Connecticut was as a real estate lawyer for a Greenwich firm then called Whitman and Ransom followed by approximately ten years at Brenner Saltzman and Wallman in New Haven where she morphed from a real estate lawyer into an environmental lawyer, and finally, since 1996 she has been at Carmody and Torrance, first in Waterbury and now in New Haven.

The real joy
Although the last 35 years have been professionally rewarding the real joy has been our two kids. Maggie was born in 1986 and Nathaniel was born in 1988. Since we both continued to work full-time (except for short maternity leaves for Anne), we really feel that bringing the kids up has been a team effort where we were aided by various forms of day care, before and after-school programs, and a host of their teachers and dorm parents at the various schools that the kids have attended.

Both Maggie and Nat wanted to go to boarding schools for high school (Maggie at Deerfield and Nat at Fessenden School and Pomfret School), so we have been semi-empty nesters since Nat first went away to boarding school in 2002. Maggie followed Deerfield with her undergraduate degree from Wellesley College and her Masters in Near Eastern Studies/Arabic from Princeton, and Nat got his undergraduate degree from University of St. Andrews in Scotland in history and art history. We are now fully empty nesters with a house way too big 95 percent of the time.

Maggie works in Washington, D.C., for an international development NGO called Creative Associates. She works in their Communities in Transition Division working on governance issues and focusing on projects in the Middle East and North Africa. Although she is based in DC, she travels a fair amount to unsettled countries in the Middle East and North Africa, which is always a source of continuing concern to her parents. Fortunately for our peace of mind, Maggie keeps in touch, even if only to email “you may see something in the news this morning about terror attacks in Mali but we are OK. More later.”

Nat lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, Sammy, and works in the Office of Science and Research at NYU Medical School in a department that administers, analyzes and supports the various research grants that are awarded to faculty and staff at NYU.

Mike and Anne hiking in the Orkney Islands in Scotland, a far cry from their offices in Connecticut.


Quite a ride
The last 35 years since BC Law have been quite a ride for us both professionally and personally. As a consequence of Nat’s four years in Scotland we have been to Scotland many times where we developed a real enjoyment of hiking. In addition to hiking all over the Scottish Highlands and the western and northern islands of Scotland, in all types of weather, we also enjoy hiking in Connecticut and nearby states. However, we are still very much amateur hikers and have no absolutely no interest in camping, preferring instead to have a nice challenging day hike followed by hot shower, cocktails, a nice dinner and a comfortable bed. While we are still working full time we are very much looking forward to the next stage of our lives together away from the pressure of timesheets, demands of clients, business development etc. We look forward to seeing everyone at our reunion in November.

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