Lynn Pearle

Believe it or not, Lynn did not apply to BC Law until the summer of 1965! A recent Smith College grad, Lynn was unsure what she wanted for a career. One night that summer, she wrote down all the possibilities, and law percolated to the top. What sealed the deal was when Lynn asked her friend if she could take a look at her husband’s law books (he was going to law school at Harvard). Lynn saw that they weren’t traditional text books, but rather were filled with real-life stories. The idea of reading and analyzing cases seemed fascinating to her. Living in Boston, she applied only to BC Law. She took the entrance exam and was accepted–all in a few weeks before the start of school!

Lynn loved BC Law. “BC Law was perfect for me. Most of my professors were terrific. Father Drinan was wonderful. Going to BC Law couldn’t have worked out better for me. It gave me a great career and afforded me a wonderful lifestyle.”

After graduation, Lynn got a job at a NYC law firm and never looked back. She has spent the past 40-plus years as a trust and estate lawyer in Washington, D.C. She first worked at the tax boutique firm of Silverstein and Mullens for 15 years and became its first female partner. She then moved to Arent Fox as a partner and has been there for 25 years. She is still working part-time.

Lynn married the man she met during that fateful summer she applied to BC Law. After a brief time in NYC, they moved to Washington, D.C. where her husband works as a cardiologist at Georgetown University Hospital. They live in Bethesda, Md., have a little summer retreat in the Berkshires, and are blessed with two children and six grandchildren.

When asked if she considers herself a pioneer for women in law, Lynn said she didn’t really think about it in law school, though she came to realize through the years of practicing law that she was part of the initial waves of women lawyers. During law school, she said her focus was on just trying to do her best and survive! She looks back at her law school days fondly and is grateful to BC Law for giving her a firm foundation to launch her lifelong career.

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