Jim and Mary Morris Hawkins

Mary and Jim at a recent wedding 

Our story is one of “you never know what kind of connection (business, rekindle an old friendship, or new relationship) you are going to make when you go to your reunion.”

We made a love connection at our BC Law 20th Reunion in 2008 and were married in 2010. Many of our classmates may vaguely remember us and may have been friends with at least one of us, but none would ever have put us together back in law school where we were on such different tracks.

Jim had been out of school for six years and married to Cindy for three years by the time he came to BC Law to embark on a second career. He was in Section 1 and mostly hung out with the guys that were into sports, playing a lot of basketball in the Quonset hut, football in the adjacent field, and pool at the dive bar Joey’s in Brighton.

Mary came to BC fresh from college. Since she grew up in neighboring Wellesley, she commuted from her family’s home. She was in Section 2 and tended to hang out with a younger single crowd. While she did have some friends in Section 1, Jim was not one of them.

We did share one interest that perhaps foretold that we would be compatible in the future–we were both regulars at Bar Review and other social events. Jim was usually with Cindy and Mary was with her single friends. Jim clearly enjoyed the “luge” at the California St. house and being part of the Steve Smith & the Nakeds groupies at the local bars a bit more than Mary did. Despite these overlaps, we had just a general awareness of each other as classmates at BC Law.

Cindy and Jim had two sons after law school and were well settled in nearby Belmont when he suffered the tragic loss of Cindy from ovarian cancer in 2006. From her diagnosis, the family had gone through a tough 18 months of shock, treatment, remission, joy, relapse, more treatment, tremendous courage, and ultimate grief.

Mary went on with her career and remained single, not finding the right person for her.

In the fall of 2008 Jim was just getting back into the dating scene. Mary was not intending to go the reunion until one of her good friends from BC Law, Linda Or Allen, whom she had not heard from in years, contacted Mary to say she was coming in from California for the event. In the interest of reconnecting with Linda, Mary decided to attend.

At the reunion Mary learned of Jim’s loss and he learned that, in spite of Mary’s beauty, intelligence, and charm, she had somehow remained single. We spoke during the evening and reconnected with mutual friends. One mutual friend, John Rusk, even inquired if Mary would be interested in seeing Jim after the evening since we were both single. Who knew John was such a hopeless romantic? Without the need of John’s help, we continued to end up in conversation together throughout the night and afterwards when the group adjourned to the lobby bar. By the end of the evening, Jim asked Mary out and got a goodnight kiss as we were leaving.

We dated for a year, got engaged that following November, and were married on Cape Cod in May 2010. At the wedding Jim’s two sons were co-best men and our classmates, Brian Berube and Joe DiBrigida, attended with their spouses. Our families have blended well, including Jim’s sons and Cindy’s family, with whom Jim has remained very close.

The moral of our sappy story may be that marvelous and unexpected things can happen at any time, so it’s always a good idea to put yourself out there and see what’s going on, especially when it involves having fun, sharing memories and, perhaps, making new memories with friends and colleagues.

Mary and Jim at the Masters

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