Don’t let our classmates miss out. Help us find their email addresses.

Most of our committee communication is by email. Let these classmates know we need their email addresses, and let us know too by emailing us at

Thomas J. Beamish
David W. Blois
Kathleen Colleary
Michael A. Collotta
Carla S. Cox
Nancy M. Cullen
Dianne Curran
Denise J. Divens
James E. Duzak
David H. Erichsen
Susan S. Gamer
Timothy D. Hadley
Raymond Holton
Gregory S. Hyatt
Richard G. Kahn
Matthew A. Kameron
Joseph W. Koegel
Alice Kossoff
Mark Langstein
Andrea S. Levinson
Richard A. Lytle
James P. Mahoney
Shane A. McLaughlin
Katherine A. Merolla
Michelle D. Miller
John S. Miner
Gregory J. Parker
John C. Possi
Fletcher D. Proctor
Michael Reilly
Mary J. Rossman
Cynthia S. Roy
Theresa W. Ryan
Felix Sanchez
Alan T. Shimabuku
Leonard A. Shrier
Ann L. Sullivan
Gail L. Sunderlin
Dorothy J. Walker
Robert C. Wipperman
Edward R. Zaval
Patricia Zincke

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