Don’t let our classmates miss out. Help us find their email addresses.

Most of our committee communication is by email. Let these classmates know we need their email addresses, and let us know too by emailing us at

Joshua P. Briefel
Anna N. Browand
Courtney E. Cox
Mac D. D’Alessandro
Marc G. D’Souza
Regina R. Gerrick
Michael I. Hall
Joshua R. Hanye
Justin C. Henderson
Vincent P. Herman
Olympe P. Hispard
Choonhee L. Kim
Sharon Lahey
Hye-Jong L. Lee
Karen K. Leonard
Kathryn C. Loring
Jill M. Murray
Christina E. Nolan
Mark F. Pascual
James J. Plunkett
Anne M. Rajotte
Aaron I. Sato
Prentiss L. Smith
Sara E. Smolik


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