Professor Doug Boshkoff

Professor Douglas Boshkoff passed away in 2015 at the age of 85. He was a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School, class of 1955. He spent 50 years teaching at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law and retired in 2014.

His love for teaching is exemplified by his impactful effect on his first class of law students at Indiana. In 1961, he was hired for a one-year position on a temporary basis to fill in for a professor on sabbatical. After a year of teaching, his enthusiastic law students petitioned the law school to offer him a full-time teaching position. In 1962, he began the first of more than 50 years teaching there. He served as associate dean and then acting dean of the law school from 1972 to 1975. He officially retired from teaching in 1995 but continued to teach his favorite class, Contracts, for another 20 years. He taught his last Contracts class just five years ago, in 2014.

Our Class of 1969 was the lucky recipient of Professor Boshkoff’s sabbatical year. He taught Contracts and was a wonderful teacher with a wry sense of humor. His Socratic method was exceptional, and his contests during his Contracts class were one of the highlights of our first year.

His obituary in The Indianapolis Star captures his love and unique aptitude for teaching:

An inspirational and beloved teacher known for his kindness and attentive approach to students, Doug was also famous for his attention-getting classroom techniques including standing on his desk to emphasize an important point (a technique that he abandoned in his later years), reciting, from memory, a lengthy poem about the “Rose of Aberlone,” and sponsoring humor contests in his class. He wrote (and then published) a collection of limericks to illustrate the holding of each of his first-year contract cases.

We are thankful for our brief time with Professor Boshkoff.  He enriched our lives.

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