Be part of the Class of 1989 Reunion!

Think you might go?


Join our growing list of classmates below who hope to attend our reunion on November 1 and 2, 2019.




    It will be our best 30th Law School Reunion ever!

    Our Class of 1989 Hope-to-Go List (Registered in bold):
    Warren Agin
    Peter Alpert
    Maria Baguer
    Andrea Brantner
    Kevin Bruen
    Leonardo Caruso
    Peter Corless
    Magda DeMoya Coyle
    Deirdre Cunnane
    Cecile Garcia Desmond
    Norma Freitas
    Alan Gale
    Rosemary Schrauth Gale
    David Ganz
    Irene Good
    Bess Beikoussis Gorman
    Suko Gotoh
    Carrie Grady
    Glen Gulino

    Mike Hartnett
    Maureen Hogan
    Edmund Hurley
    John Isaza
    Anne Jackowitz

    Jody Rice Kjellberg
    Jane Kourtis
    Julianne Kurdila
    Mary Langer
    Jim Leahy
    Holly Ford Lewis
    Anthony Lochiatto
    Jim Lombardi
    Bob McLaughlin
    Locke McMurray
    Mary Rose Migliazzi
    Alicia Milligan
    Mike Mitchell
    Kevin O’Connell
    Carol White Ojo
    Carl Patka
    Robin Pearson
    Michael Perry
    Alison Smith Piasecki
    Michael Racette
    Michael Raffanti
    Bruce Raphael
    Jody Rice
    Daniel Rose
    Kim Sachse
    Tommy Shi
    Kevin Simard
    Linda Simard
    Eleanor Coe Sinnott
    Mark Spitz

    Jack Sylvia
    Penny Venetis
    Mark Warner
    Dave Yannetti

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