Steven Adelman

Steve in the dugout at Rogers Centre in Toronto after a Blue Jays game.”Management by walking around” says Steve is an essential part of keeping current with venue safety standards and trends.

I have a practice that even my teenage daughter thinks is cool. Because I concentrate on risk and safety at live events across North America, I go to lots of games and shows, I tour stadiums and concert venues and geek out on operational stuff most people never see, and my friends are the people who make it all happen.

I have been involved in some of the biggest recent disasters in this industry, including the 2011 Indiana State Fair stage roof collapse and the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas. My work has evolved away from litigation much more to risk management for industry clients and standard of care expert testimony for other lawyers. This shift has given me time to teach in Arizona State University’s Sports Law and Business program, and I am vice president of an influential trade association, the Event Safety Alliance. I left big firm practice to start my own firm in 2010, I work in shorts and am barefoot most of the year, and all of my cases make for great stories.

I moved from Boston to Phoenix in 1996, so I rarely run into BC Law alums. But when I am teaching at ASU, I often talk about our professors. When I have my students recite the elements of a tort (in unison, with feeling), I think of the pencils Professor McMorrow gave us in Products Liability with the elements engraved on one side. Every civil procedure issue we discuss evokes the simultaneous respect and terror I felt for Professor Brown our first year. Every thorny contract issue leads me back to Professor Katz and his fabulous early-90s ties.

In all of my advocacy, whether in a conference room, a classroom, or a courtroom, I try to apply the overarching lesson I learned at BC Law–treat the law and my colleagues with dignity, while challenging both to do justice. As much as I like hanging out with show people, that’s the part of my practice that I think is coolest of all.

–Steve Adelman

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Steve presenting at the Event Safety Alliance’s annual Event Safety Summit.