AiVi Nguyen

It’s hard to summarize what I have been doing since graduating from BC Law in 2009, but I’ll try.

I have always viewed my career as two-fold— attorney and public servant—and I strive for excellence in both. In 2019, there aren’t many business litigators who are women of color. That was certainly the case in 2009 when I started practicing at Bowditch. I never took for granted that my position at Bowditch gave me a certain credibility in the community that I could leverage to help effectuate social change. I came from nothing, and on my path from nothing to here, I became acutely aware of the disparities in opportunity based on where someone fell on the socioeconomic scale.

If we truly want to help people escape the cycle of poverty, we need to give them access to two things—quality healthcare and quality education. I have dedicated much of my career to service on boards of non-profit organizations hyper-focused on these two areas. From my board position at Quinsigamond Community College, where I learned that if we work with a student to break down their barriers, it’s not just the student who benefits, but the entire community—to the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center, where we cast the net of our care to any and every one despite their financial means—to the United Way of Central Massachusetts, where we lift up our most vulnerable and oftentimes invisible neighbors by funding the agencies on the ground doing the good work.

It is my obligation, our obligation, to lend a hand and a voice to those who need it most, and I am dedicated to serving that goal. I did this all while still completely embracing my identity as a millennial woman of color—a funny easy-going charismatic one. I have done countless speaking engagements mostly focused on diversity and inclusion and leadership. Also, I was recently the commencement speaker for Quinsigamond Community College and counseled the graduates to own their life stories. I will say that the response was overwhelming from a much broader audience than the 2019 graduates. Here is a link:

In short, the past ten years have been really fun!

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