Associate Dean Bob Farrell

Déjà vu.
When the Class of 1994  arrived at the law school in August 1991, I had recently t finished my first tour as Associate Dean. Now, as your class makes plans to celebrate your 25th anniversary, I am completing my second tour in that office. Back then, I was a very young Associate Dean; now, I am a very old one. In the interval, I have been fortunate to be a part of the lives of many people who started out as uncertain 1Ls and turned into polished and successful lawyers.

Soldiering on.
There is no doubt that the Class of 1994 attended law school after we had just gone through our most turbulent time-the move from Bridgeport to Quinnipiac. Your class may hold the record for having attended the law school with the most names while you were in attendance–the University of Bridgeport School of Law, the Bridgeport School of Law at Quinnipiac College, and Quinnipiac College School of Law. And some time after you graduated, we took on a fourth (and current) name–Quinnipiac University School of Law. Although your class did not reach the promised land–the new law school building in Hamden, which was completed after you graduated, you did hold down the fort in Bridgeport, literally bridging the gap between the law school that was and the law school that was to be.

In many ways, we are a different school now. We are situated on a beautiful campus in suburban North Haven, with a spectacular physical plant. We are a much smaller law school, with a smaller student-faculty ratio. We provide more student services and, unlike Bridgeport, it’s safe and easy to park here on campus.

But we are also much the same school you remember. Sandy Meiklejohnis still teaching Contracts, Bill Dunlap, Constitutional Law, and Marilyn Ford, Business Organizations. Although Marty Margulies has retired as a full-time faculty member, he still continues to motivate students in his part-time role as Emeritus Professor. And, most importantly, we are still the student-centered institution that (I hope) you remember. Our students continue to be our pride and joy. Our alums have achieved success in so many settings–as states attorneys, public defenders, judges, solo practitioners, in small firm laws, as partners in big law firms, and in countless law-related positions. We wish all our alums continued success.

As for me…
I am entering my 36 th year at the law school. It has been the defining institution of my adult life. I arrived here in August 1984, with a wife and a two year-old daughter. Since that time, I had two more daughters, and then, three sons-in-law, and now three grandchildren. I recognize how fortunate I am to have been a part of this institution and to have connected with thousands (yes, that’s right, thousands) of Bridgeport/QU students.

As the Class of 1994  plans its get-together, I look forward to seeing many of you, renewing memories, and giving thanks for how the law school has shaped my life.

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