Class of 1970 - 50th Reunion

Life After BC Law

The Battle Hymn of our Professors

Sing along to this familiar tune with “slightly” altered lyrics, compliments of clever members of the Class of 1966 who wrote and performed these lyrics for their Senior Dinner in 1966. The singing roast was a delight to professors and students alike.

(Click on the professors’ names in the song to read about their lives after we graduated.)

Our eyes have seen the glory of the course called T&E 
From spendthrift trusts to wills that are drawn holographically
We learned to shun all interests in perpetuity 
Cold sweats and writers’ cramp. 
Glory, glory, E. Slizewski. Super-teacher tried and true-ski.
All second year is in your noose-ki. Just a C, no 2nd look. 


Vaudevillian from Virginia, he has joined our teacher troops 
Corporations, we have learned, are Fascist-ridden groups. 
And LBJ illegally makes Congress jump through hoops. 
No law, but lots of laughs.
Glory, glory, Arthur Berney. In politics he is left-turney.
A course with him’s a comic journey. No law, but lots of laughs. 


The way to learn the UCC this year we’re told is this. 
Just hibernate and read the code and buddy, you can’t miss. 
But any law we’ve learned this year has been by osmosIs. 
Ten months on Article 2.
Glory, glory Hart and Willier. Your heavy books could not be sillier 
Gentlemen, we’ve had our fill o’yer. We’ll get it from the bar review. 


The course in Property once fell to C. J. Moynihan 
Thank heaven we have all been spared the blood bath that he ran. 
Huber taught us Property – a reasonable man
Just join the Navy and the 4-H club. 
Glory, glory Richard Huber. An Iowan who is no rube-er.
More entertaining than the tube-er. Tho he never does reach easements. 


J.R. & M.P. Equity is taught in crusty quips.
By kind Professor Sullivan, the law school’s Mister Chips.
He lays out homey maxims and some are really pips.
But Equity induces sleep. 
Glory, glory Richard Sullivan. Tho Equity is deadly dull-ivan.
Your pearly blurbs and chestnuts we can mull-ivan. When Equity induces sleep. 


Sandy Fox taught half the class our first year at BC 
A criminal must be arrested constitooshnalee 
Ax murderers and rapists must be treated courteously 
Or Earl Warren sets them free.
Glory, glory Sanford J. Fox. A criminal must get no hard knocks.
They leave upon his psyche trauma pocks. And Escobedo sets him free. 


Crimes was also taught that year by Ken-ee-ley S.J. 
At bread and butter elements he’d hammer every day
Non-violence went out the door when marks he did display
We were overcome. 
Glory Father Bill Kenealy, the fate of many he did sealy.
By lib-ral use of the big D-Iey we were overcome. 


Let’s raise our cups to Father Nick, the nice guy of the year 
With ready smile and gentle word, he makes the renvoi clear 
This next line should be cutting but instead we’d like to cheer 
The nice guy of the year.
Glory, glory Father Nick-olson. Never does he try to stick-olson.
The unprepared with verbal kick-olson. The nice guy of the year.