Class of 1995 - 25th Reunion

Life After BC Law

Couples Spotlight

Finding more than the law at BC Law

As a prelude to all the meeting and greeting we plan to do at our virtual 25th reunion, enjoy these updates on class couples who are grateful to BC Law for more than their law degrees!

Dana Ng and Susan Nock

We met the first week of BC Law while getting beers after class with friends and became fast friends and Section 1 classmates. After being friends for two years we starting dating our third year, and the rest is history. We married In June 1998 surrounded by many BC Law alums.

Dana started his law career at Goodwin Procter while Susan was at Testa, Hurwitz and Thibeault. We both practiced corporate law. Dana moved in-house and is now practicing at Raytheon Technologies where he serves as the corporate secretary. Susan also moved in-house to Fidelity Investments. Five years ago, Susan left the law to pursue her love of gardening. She now owns Thistle, a garden design firm that specializes in container gardens, small gardens, and garden related workshops. 

We have two children, Andrew who is 16 and Katie who is 14. We enjoy traveling with our kids (pre-pandemic), with our trips to National Parks such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, Joshua Tree, Grand Teton, Olympic, Acadia and Banff (Canada) among our most memorable. Like in law school, we both still enjoy a round of golf and have now convinced our kids that it is the perfect family sport. You can now find us all gardening, golfing, and enjoying time off on Cape Cod in Brewster.

Hope to see you all virtually at the reunion!

Josh Goodman and Ingrid Schroffner

Josh and I met when we were both in Section 2 the first year of law school. He had the memorable distinction of being the first person to be called on in our first class on the first day – Civ Pro with Professor Brown. In fact, he was the only person called on in that class because Professor Brown stuck with him for the full period. Immediately afterward, we had Torts with Professor McMorrow…and she did the same thing to him. It’s 25 years later, and he’s almost over it. Josh shared a big, old Victorian house with a group of our classmates. It was known as the “Ivory Palace” because of an old piano on the first floor. Over the years it became a central gathering place for at least half of the class. It was a place to take a break between classes, to order pizza after Bar Review, to have weekend parties, and on rare occasion, to study.

Josh and I were married in Newton on June 13, 1999. Our wedding party included a number of our classmates: Deirdre Sanders, Lani Ann Kaneko Kimura, Kim Diaz Peterson, W. Kenneth Hunt, Larry Dobrow, and Chris Celano. 

After graduating, we studied for and took the Massachusetts Bar together with a number of our classmates. Josh also took the Maine Bar that year. He then clerked for Judge Mark L. Wolf in the US District Court in Massachusetts. Following his clerkship, he began working in the Corporate Department of Goodwin Procter LLP. I clerked for the Massachusetts Superior Court, Massachusetts Appeals Court Chief Justice Warner, and then began working for Burns & Levinson LLP after a year at Davis, Malm & D’Agostine PC. After Goodwin, Josh spent a year at a high-tech startup and then, in 2001, moved to the legal department of Digitas, ultimately becoming its general counsel following its acquisition by Publicis Groupe. After several years in that role, he was promoted into his current role as deputy general counsel at Publicis Groupe.

I began working for the Office of Management at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in March 2020, after 12 years at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, where I went in 2008 from Burns & Levinson to lead their MassHealth Recoveries Program. I have not yet set foot in my brick and mortar office.

We live in Newton with our three kids: Jake (13) and twins Ari and Annika (10).

Garrett Bradley and Hon. Heather Smith Bradley

We met as 1Ls in Professor Bloom’s class after he told us to stay in our seats for the semester so he could learn everyone’s name. Heather had the unique ability to be looking at the professor giving the lecture while simultaneously taking down every word the professor was saying within the margins of her paper, a skill I noticed as I sat next to her in class. I figured it was at least in my best interest to borrow her notes so I told her that week some of us would be having a study group. When she showed up, it was just me and soon after, I asked her on our first date.

We married in 1997 while working as prosecutors. I left the District Attorney’s office soon after to become a state representative and an associate at the Thornton Law Firm doing civil plaintiff’s litigation. Today, I am the managing partner of the firm.

Heather remained in the District Attorney’s office until she was appointed as an associate justice of the District Court. She has served on the bench for ten years and is currently the First Justice of the Hingham District Court.

We have three wonderful children: Amanda (21), Emma (18), and William (16). Our daughter Amanda is a senior in college and is applying to law school this fall, while Emma is starting her freshman year in college and William is in his junior year of high school. We love spending our free time traveling with our kids to Turks and Caicos and Hawaii, boating in Buzzards Bay, golfing, and splitting our time between the city and our summer home with our two dogs, Lucy and Lady. We cannot believe it has been 25 years since we graduated law school and we look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion!