Steven Judelson

Judelson-Yearbook-WPAfter graduating, I practiced law in a few large Manhattan law firms for about a dozen years. I specialized in commercial real estate transactions, concentrating on multistate acquisition and financing programs. I left the practice to be a client, and I developed and built affordable and market rate housing in New York City and the surrounding areas.

In the midst of the economic downturn, I decided it was time to trade my aggravations and worries for something more enjoyable. My family and I were spending a lot of time at our beach house in the Hamptons. Making salt from the ocean, which I had been doing as a hobby for many years, seemed like a wacky, cool, and possible idea. I found the awesome power of the ocean combined with the basic and primitive nature of making salt from the ocean very appealing and the task of trying to make the highest quality product and a business out of it challenging and invigorating.

My life now as a saltmaker is different. I traded my business suit for swimsuits and work pants. My office is a Jeep on the beach and a worktable in the middle of our outdoor saltworks. Although my concerns and the number of hours I work may be no less numerous, the topics and sometimes magnitude differ. I now worry about damaging tides, storms, and ways to improve production. My clients are still businessmen and women, but their trade is now fine dining. My legal training helped me put an analytical and issue spotting framework to all of these matters. ““Thinking like a lawyer”” is a valuable asset that I have turned to, whether documenting a construction project, building an apartment building, or selling a jar of sea salt.

Steve and Natalie--no more time sheets for them!

Steve and Natalie–no more time sheets for them!

While I no longer practice law, being a lawyer is still part of me. More information about our sea salt can be found on our website at

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