Bill Joy

Joy-military“Be All You Can Be”
In the late 1960s, recent college grads faced the certainty of being drafted and likely ending up in Vietnam. I was one of many who decided to volunteer for extra years and thus get far more training and experience before facing combat.

I spent two years of intense training, attending infantry officer school, airborne school, and the Special Forces Officer Course and Special Forces Combat Diver School in Key West, Fla., followed by assignment to an underwater operations A-team in the 10th Special Forces Group. My third year was as an infantry commander in the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. After Vietnam, I spent 25 more years as an infantry officer in Guard and Reserve units.

“I Want YOU…”

I had been accepted at BC Law prior to military service. Then Dean Robert Drinan, S.J. held seats open for any veterans who had to defer enrollment because of military service–no further application or LSATs required. I don’t know of any other university that did this for veterans.

Bill-Bob-Joy-240 years later 
Brother Bob and I are still practicing full-time, doing labor and employment law representing management at Morgan, Brown & Joy in Boston. The firm is 92 years old and the 30 lawyers do exclusively labor and employment law. The rigor and discipline of military service has made it far easier for me to deal with difficult cases, opposing counsel, and sometimes clients and judges.

My wife Mary Pat and I have five children. The youngest (Margaret) just graduated from college and the oldest (Eileen) is a U.S. Navy JAG officer and Afghanistan veteran stationed in Naples, Italy.

Fun Fact…
There were five Joy siblings at BC Law at the same time: Bill and Bob ’75; Jack and Mary ’76; and Dave ’77. (Another Joy sibling, Ellen, graduated from BC Law in 1984.)





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