Don’t let our classmates miss out. Help us find their email addresses.

Most of our committee communication is by email. Let these classmates know we need their email addresses, and let us know too.

Marko Andric
Lauren Bittman
Brent Bliven
Linda Choi
Anna Conrad
Robert Creamer
Katherine Enright
Matt Frankel
Megan Fussell
Vennessa Graure
Misha Hill
Alyssa Hirschfeld
Sara Horvath
Marilyn James
Philip Jordan
Alejandra Kim
George Kopcsay
Hilary Lang
Allyson Lavins
Douglas Lee
Victoria McCoy
Kelly McGee
Sarah Moccaldi
Kristen Noto
Cesar Pereira
Kathryn Ragucci
Rolando Reyes
David Rowe
Lauren Schumer
Lisa Senay
Shana Solomon
Eric Waters
Seokhyun Yoon
Lara Zaroulis

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