Beim HeadshotMary Elizabeth Beim ‘84

After practicing law in several venues (Assistant General Counsel – Immigration and Naturalization Service; Assistant District Attorney, Middlesex County, MA; Director of the Legal Department at the International Institute of Boston), I returned to where I went to college (Harvard) for an extra year of education.

During this period I gave readings to individuals (something I had done all of my life but now started to do full time)–as an astrologer and a psychic. Yes, this is “woo-woo” stuff–and oddly, my educational and career backgrounds seemed to give me more “clout” or believability to others who would not ordinarily consult a professional in these fields. A few years later I enrolled in a quality psychic healing training program in New York City. After three years of study, I added “energy healing” to my list of services. I did quite well giving medical readings and psychic diagnoses. I worked with several doctors in this area.

Being a sensitive person it was often difficult for me to tolerate the eye rolls, sighs, and sometimes flat-out dismissal for disclosing what I truly did in response to the casual question. Pretty much the only thing you can say that’s worse than saying “I’m a lawyer” is “I’m a psychic healer.” So one day, after moving to a small New England town, I found myself in a group of kind and well-meaning potential friends. When asked, “what do you do?” I said… “I teach yoga.” It just kind of slipped out.

This was not exactly a lie–I had subbed for one of my yoga teachers before. The initial response was immediate: “Oh great–we’ll come… when do you teach?” And thus my yoga business was born – out of a rather large basement in my new home. Eventually I became certified as a yoga teacher, and one day I stumbled accidentally into a Pilates class. I had absolutely NO “core” or “core strength”. I was mystified at my lack of skill–when yoga had come so easily to me! Determined to acquire even the slightest competence, I became certified as a Pilates instructor.

When I moved back to the Washington DC area, I wasn’t at first terribly self-assured in my newfound career identity. Eventually I picked up a long-term job in McLean, VA teaching yoga and pilates classes to adults in the evenings–many of whom by day were lawyers and diplomats in D.C. And, if you know McLean, you know it is a conservative town (as in C.I.A.), so when I began to teach “Develop Your Intuition” and “Energy Healing” workshops there were several gasps – and yet, many registrations…

It is a nearly perfect fit for me to teach on mind-body subjects, and I will probably always give readings to people. Who knows where my work will go from here. I am a member of the DC Bar (having waived in)–just in case an opportunity comes up that is as interesting to me as what I do now.

~ Mary Elizabeth Beim

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