Here’s what our happy reunioners say about our work:


“Your work on our law school reunion was indispensable. You performed it summa cum laude.”


“Your work made a tremendous difference in the overall attendance at our reunion and in making the planning process enjoyable.”


“Your energy, enthusiasm, and responsiveness definitely helped make our reunion a success and helped to keep our committee motivated and moving forward.”


“Your work was vital to the success of our reunion. You kept the alumni committee focused and enthused.”


“You made our job so much easier by supplying us with the tools and information we required to get the job done right the first time!”


“You were the most valuable person in the creation of our emphatically successful 50th law school reunion.”

Our expert work consistently engages disengaged alumni, increases alumni participation, and supports fundraising success.

Our immediate mission:
To increase alumni participation in this year’s reunion.

Our overriding mission:
To increase alumni engagement in your community.

How we work?
We offer a menu of services and work as closely with your team or as independently as you wish.

Why Schools Partner with Us:

To jumpstart their reunion programs in a strategic and efficient way.
To get the job done because they don’t have in-house capacity.
To train their in-house teams on the very best practices to engage alumni in their reunions and beyond.

We specialize in higher education and independent schools. Whether your institution is large or small, Reunions Reinvented has the formula to make your reunion a success. We have the results and testimonials to prove it.

Why reunion books are a key component to a virtual reunion

Let’s be honest, an online reunion is not the same as alumni gathering in person to reconnect.

Alumni want to catch up with each other, rekindle friendships, reminisce together, see who looks the same and who has changed, share their life stories, network, and learn about their classmates’ lives.

How can a school accomplish these goals with an online reunion?

Reunion books!
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