Don’t let our classmates miss out. Help us find their email addresses.

Most of our reunion communication is by email.  Let these classmates know we need their email addresses,  and let us know too by emailing at

Delvin E.  Benjamin
Sandra B.  Biren
Susan F.  Brand
Byron H.  Chevannes
Theodora  Convisser
Susan  Garrett  Crowley
Donald F.  Driscoll
Margaret  A.  Goederer
Pam Goldman
Barbara  Hurst
Sterling  C.  Johnson
Anthony G.  Massimiano
Lester J.  Murphy Jr.
Andrew B.  Peppard
Steven J.  Perlmutter
Richard  Pichette
Fern P.  Prosnitz
Ronald C.  Shufrin
Jura L.  Strimaitis
Ronald A.  Witmer