Successful reunions don’t happen on their own. They take a lot of strategic planning and engagement to ensure participation. Reunions Reinvented consistently drives greater participation for record-setting attendance and increased donors and giving.

Here’s what our schools we have partnered with say about our work and results:

“I highly recommend Margie Palladino and Reunions Reinvented. When you work with Margie, you will be adding a skilled professional and creative partner to your reunion and fundraising teams. She helped increase attendance at our BC Law reunions and strengthened connections between BC Law and our alumni, while also playing an integral role in our improved fundraising results. In addition, Margie is delightful to work with–thoughtful, efficient, and fun.”
–  Vincent Rougeau
Former Dean, Boston College Law School
(now President of the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass.)

“Margie has been a wonderful partner on our law school reunion work. She brings a very personal touch to our reunion communications materials, helping alumni reconnect with one another and rekindle the warm feelings from their law school days. She is smart and strategic, always looking for creative ways to use the material she gathers and examine opportunities to use data to drive success. The extra mile makes a tremendous difference in the value she brings and in the outcomes we achieve.”
–  Jessica Cashdan
Former Executive Director, Schools and Programs
Boston College

“The work that Margie  did to  develop our 30th and  40th reunion classes was  exceptional, resulting in  more than doubling the  alumni attendance at  reunion for both classes  and a 156% and 32%  increase in giving  respectively.”
–  Amanda Angel
Former Director, Annual Giving
Boston College Law School

“We engaged Reunions Reinvented to help us change our participation level as well as class giving total. The results were astounding! The participation rate shot through the roof and hit an all-time high for the Law School.

Margie worked diligently to develop various vehicles in which to get the class engaged and excited to attend the Reunion Gala.

Margie is talented, creative, and hard-working and always had the Law School’s best interest in mind.

Our Reunion was such an incredible success that we asked Margie to take on more reunion classes the next year.”
– Cristine More
Former Director of Advancement
Boston University School of Law

“We have been incredibly pleased with Margie’s work. Margie seems to have perfected her formula for engaging class leaders, streamlining communication, and most importantly, making the process fun for those involved.

Margie did her homework by asking all the right questions in advance about our institution’s history. She took the time to get to know us and was genuinely interested in who we are.

Margie has a passion for what she does, yet her experience as a practicing attorney gives her a perspective that allows her to relate to law schools and law alumni in a way that would be impossible for anyone else.

Margie has been professional, responsive, attentive, and highly organized.”
– Heather Palacios Rahhal
Former Director of External Relations
The University of Tulsa College of Law

“After looking around for vendors to produce our 50th reunion book, we opted to go with Reunions Reinvented out of Boston for our Class of 1971 book. Margie does amazing work and I can’t recommend her product and service highly enough.

The 342-page book of class member memories and experiences is absolutely higher-quality than we’d produced previously – whether in-house or with a vendor. Margie’s attention to detail, commitment to copy-editing the entire thing, flair for creativity, and ability to immerse herself in the class’s experience led to rave reviews from our class when they received it electronically this spring. (And again, we didn’t have to do any of it, where previously we were very involved in all these steps!)

There’s a lot more to say in praise of Margie and her work – I haven’t even mentioned the layout and photos and filler she created, nor the other services she provides schools as they work to build their alumni communities.”
–  Marcus Fowler
Former Associate Director of Alumni and Family Engagement, Denison University

“If you are seeking an incredible “yearbook” experience for your alumni, you need look no farther than Margie Palladino and Reunions Reinvented. Margie is creative, industrious, patient, organized, caring, and open to suggestion. She excels in working with others and yet is confident in her approach. In other words, Margie is a real go-getter and a professional all the way through the editing and design process.

I was my Denison University 50th reunion’s liaison for our “Celebration Book.” A little career background on me: as an editor, I was responsible for the art, content, and initial layout of many types of publications. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Margie and had fun during my light touch with a former role I loved.

Margie diligently worked with my classmates on the profiles and photos they submitted in a back-and-forth process that was friendly and helpful. In laying out the book, she looked through hundreds of class-submitted photos as well as college-archived photos to find the right accompaniment for an individual profile. Between editing and communicating, plus photo searches, Margie took hours of care and, in the process, got a feel for the class that resonates throughout the book.

Throughout the pages of photos of our four years at Denison, Margie carefully worked to represent all groups within a small college. She was meticulous in procuring student and faculty photos that represent the whirlwind changes during our college years. And she added captions to photos, which is an extra amount of work in identifying people and activities. Again, above and beyond.

The work that Margie puts into an alumni book is evident in the comment of a Celebration Book committee member, and seconded by the rest, upon reviewing the final draft: that we are proud to be associated with such a fine product. You won’t go wrong in hiring Margie Palladino and Reunions Reinvented.”
–  Helen French Graves
Denison University Book Committee for the Class of 1972

“As co-chair of the Denison University 50th reunion Celebration Book for the class of 1971, I worked closely with Margie and so appreciate her gentle, exacting ways. Exacting because she truly cares about each person’s “story” and wants to be respectful to it within the easy-to-follow template of the book. She is observant, detail-oriented, and diplomatic. Margie is creative and collaborative; there is not a whiff of editorial imperialism. She has a sense of humor and is truly moved and motivated by the memories of college life and the life journeys since graduation. I consider her a friend and truly hope to meet her in person one day.”
–  Jennifer Scheid Williams
Denison University Class of 1971 50th Reunion Book Committee

“Colgate had worked with the same vendor for many years to help support our 50th reunion yearbook and website effort, but had of late experienced a significant number of frustrations regarding communication and follow-through. We had been aware of Reunions Reinvented after several conversations with Margie Palladino, a Colgate alumna, and it became very clear very quickly that Margie would add a tremendous amount to our 50th reunion program. Moving our business to Reunions Reinvented is one of the best decisions we have made. Margie quickly jumped in, working closely with volunteers on developing a process for our 50th reunion yearbook and creating a beautiful website for the class as well. She is a fantastic communicator, is organized, strategic, and what I would consider to be an extension of our office. At a time that our team has been short-staffed, I can truly say that we would not be where we are with the 50th reunion effort had it not been for Margie.”
–  Jen Stone
Associate Vice President, Advancement, Colgate University


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