Our Reunion Class Books are the Key to Your In-Person Reunion and Virtual Reunion’s Success

Why are our reunion books rated summa cum laude?

  • From the first book we created over a decade ago when I launched my business, we have received rave reviews from alumni and our client schools. Each page is custom designed, in color, and inviting to read.
  • We take the time to read, edit, and proof every profile. We do our best to present the school and its alumni in the most positive light.
  • We showcase the school by including updates on favorite professors and the school’s successes. We want your alumni to be proud of your school community.
  • We include favorite memories and pop culture highlights to bring alumni back to their school days. The goal is to encourage alumni to reminisce with each other and create those warm feelings of connection that they are yearning for at this time.

Our 50th Reunion Class Books and our 25th Reunion Class Books are the perfect gifts to celebrate your milestone reunion classes!

How we do it

Our book production process is TURNKEY. We do the work so you don’t have to.

We send out  engaging emails requesting updates and photos, and we follow through.
The result is a custom designed e-book that we distribute online to class members. We also create an optional printed version for alumni as a special keepsake.

Our turnkey Reunion Class Books accomplish your goals of an in-person or virtual reunion:

  • Connect with alumni in a personal way
  • Showcase the school’s recent successes
  • Obtain valuable demographics and contact information
  • Identify potential major donors to steward post-reunion
  • Give something of value to their alumni so that the alumni will give back

Here’s why a reunion class book is a critical component of your school’s virtual reunion:

A virtual reunion without a reunion book will not provide the social connection that alumni are yearning for during this time of social distancing. Our reunion books will!

To learn more about the value our books will add to your reunion, contact Margie at Reunions Reinvented.